English Speaking For Kids Now Made Easy

English Speaking For Kids Now Made Easy


With English being the official global language for trade, it’s becoming more and more important in today’s date to have a strong grasp of the language. Hence it is highly necessary to start learning the language from a young age. 

“But where do I start?”, “How do I make it easier for my child?”, “Is there a way to do this without breaking my bank?”

If these are the questions that worry you, fear not, because we got just the solution for you, English learning for kids just got easier than ever. We have penned down all you need to know to give your child an academic head start. But first it’s important that your child has a firm grasp on the language


Good speaking skill is inseparable from a good vocabulary. As such your child must learn new words day in and out. This can be achieved by engaging them in educational media in the form of cartoons, stories, or rhymes. Keep a track of how many new words your child learns every day as it’s an easy way to track their progress.

Make Reading a Habit

We cannot stress this enough how important it is to read. There are plenty of child friendly options that focus on English learning for kids, spanning across a wide age group. These help your child understand basic grammar and tonality, essential for speaking English.

Now that your child has a firm grasp on the language it’s time to put that to use. How you may ask? The answer is English speaking practice. “A good orator is made not born”, they say. So, without wasting much time here are some tips to help develop your child’s speaking skills and English learning in general.

What You Hear is What You Say

The curious little brains of your young ones are quick to catch on to new words and even better at recalling them, as such make sure they are consuming a healthy amount of educational media. Making English the standard mode of communication in the presence of your child helps a ton. Also make sure your pronunciations are correct, cause even though you weren’t paying attention your little bundle of joy was.

Motivation Can Work Wonders

We all need a bit of achievement from time to time, your kids are no different. A thumbs-up can go a long way in building their oratory skills as well as making wonders for their confidence. So, make sure you make positive gestures for every little step they take no matter how small the achievement is.

Reward Them From Time To Time

Human brains are hardwired to work on a reward system, as such your child is no exception. Even though verbal motivations and compliments are a must they can get pretty bland after a while. To break this blandness gives them rewards from time to time. Doing so will make your child associate the excitement of having a reward with accomplishing an achievement. This will make them more likely to improve.

Learning a new language can be a bit overwhelming, especially for your child, but with our tips, we hope your child will have an easier time when it comes to English learning. Stay Curious.


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