DJ Rama Shares Hotel Management Tips for New Managers

DJ Rama Shares Hotel Management Tips for New Managers


New managers of hotels often face the challenges of big responsibilities. They need to take care of not only the management of the property, its staff, and customers but also that everything is in perfect sync. The job is stressful; however, with the right knowledge, new managers can cope with the pressures and effectively carry out their daily tasks.

DJ Rama is the Vice President at JHM Hotels in Greenville, South Carolina, in the USA. He is known for his valuable experience in the hotel and hospitality industry for several years. He says new hotel managers do feel nervous and excited at the same time when they are placed in charge of a new premise. However, they need to learn daily on the job. It is here they need to be observant and have excellent listening skills.


Motivation needs to come from inside. If you are a new manager, take one day at a time. Every day is a unique learning experience for you. Note, the frontline workers and staff are the most important people when it comes to feedback. So, engage them in this feedback process to gain valuable insights about the hotel you must know about. It helps you to resolve issues in the bud. With your listening skills, you can hold regular interactions with them

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In the process, you will learn what your guests like the most, the services they prefer to use and what other services they want to see added to the hotel. You can make improvements as and when necessary. You will see a surge in customer satisfaction that indirectly builds up the hotel’s reputation in the market.

The ability to share knowledge

Every new hotel manager must learn and share knowledge with all those, directly and indirectly, involved with the well-being of the hotel. Look at every reputed hotel. They leave no stone unturned when it comes to successfully grooming their staff. The hotel needs to offer career opportunities to all its employees to enjoy a long- term career in the industry.

Managing guests in an effective way

Guest management is an integral part of the hotel and hospitality industry. The hotel manager must train the staff on how to look after and manage guests successfully. All guests are not simple to manage. Some guests are difficult. They want the best of treatment, and in some cases, they might not even appreciate the staff which you must be prepared for. A good hotel manager needs to train and educate the hotel staff on the right approach, attitude, and words to use when it comes to effective guest management rules and policies.

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According to DJ Rama hotel managers must move with the time. Accepting change and adapting to it helps make the work easier and challenges less. It is here that training, awareness, and knowledge sharing with everyone connected with the hotel’s effective functioning helps.


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