Six Key Facts Regarding IQOS, A Brand-New Heated Cigarette Product

Six Key Facts Regarding IQOS, A Brand-New Heated Cigarette Product


IQOS, a new tobacco product, was just approved for sale in the United Kingdom. This raises worries regarding the introduction of another nicotine delivery device into the UK market during an e-cigarette pandemic among youngsters.

The Food and Drug Administration announced in April that Philip Morris International has been granted permission to advertise and sell the heat-not-burn gadget IQOS. This was the first product of its sort in the United kingdom. Heated tobacco products are electrical devices that use heat to generate an inhalable aerosol from tobacco leaves.

Even though IQOS is an electronic device, the FDA has classed it as a cigarette. This implies it is subject to the same regulations as regular cigarettes. According to Experts, these products are safer than cigarettes. However, nothing is known about their influence and how it will affect the planet.

These are the six most important facts regarding IQOS.

1. IQOS Does Not Employ The Same Technology As E-Cigarettes

What is the distinction between IQOS and e-cigarettes?

Heat-not-burn products vary from e-cigarettes in that they are created from actual tobacco. They do not utilise flavored liquids, which are typical in e-cigarettes. Heat-not-burn allows users to feel and appear to be smoking ordinary cigarettes while not breathing any combusted tobacco.

2. These Devices Have Not Been Authorized By The FDA

Is IQOS authorized by the FDA?

According to the FDA, while its ruling enables tobacco products to be sold in the United Kingdom, it does not imply that these products are safe or authorized by the FDA.”

The corporation requested two regulatory permits from the FDA: one to promote it as a novel product (known as Pre-Market approval) and another to market it as less dangerous than previous products (called Modified Risk Tobacco Product approval). The FDA judgment solely applies to Pre-Market applications. The FDA has yet to decide whether the gadget may be marketed as less dangerous than conventional tobacco products.

3. There Is No Evidence That Heated Tobacco Products Are Safer Than Cigarettes

Is IQOS preferable to smoking cigarettes?

Heat-not-burn tobacco products, according to tobacco producers, are safer than cigarettes. This is because tobacco smoke, when it burns or combusts emits over 7,000 compounds that are comparable to those present in cigarettes.

According to experts, IQOS has fewer toxicants than cigarettes. Multiple articles in the journal Tobacco Control, however, indicate that industry data do not support these statements. IQOS can contain higher quantities of some toxicants than cigarettes, according to research, but it can still expose users to other toxicants. IQOS users may potentially be more susceptible to certain diseases while being less susceptible to others.

According to studies, fewer harmful substances do not always indicate that individuals are more likely to be exposed to them. Furthermore, decreased exposure claims might lead to misconceptions about reduced damage claims

4. IQOS Might Be Appealing To Young People

Is IQOS being used by teenagers?

Researchers from the Truth Initiative(r) determined that IQOS may appeal to young adults owing to marketing that promotes the product as “intelligent and high-tech” and “sleek and exclusive things similar to iPhone’s.”

Given the present youth-driven e-cigarette epidemic, the product’s promotion is extremely problematic. The growth in e-cigarette use has been most visible among young individuals, many of whom have never smoked cigarettes. E-cigarette usage has increased by 78% among high school students and 48% among middle school students in the last year

The FDA has set limits on IQOS promotion, particularly through social media. To prevent minors from accessing advertising, it must be targeted towards adults.

5. The Sale Of Menthol Tobacco Cartridges Might Help Marlboro

Is IQOS available in a variety of flavours? sell menthol-flavored tobacco rolls resembling tiny cigarettes called Heat Sticks. This flavor is appealing to youthful smokers and makes quitting easier. The corporation did not disclose any information in its FDA filings concerning the implications of the menthol variation on the product’s appeal, toxicity, or other health consequences.

6. These Items Are Part Of The Industry’s Effort To Deal With Increased Regulation

Is IQOS regulated or unregulated?

Tobacco corporations, according to an editorial in Tobacco Control, are attempting to undermine government control by utilizing harm reduction claims to recast the sector as part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

According to the comments, “heated tobacco products” are tobacco corporations’ newest attempt to adapt and extend their consumer base in a changing regulatory climate. Despite the diminishing acceptability of tobacco use and decreasing cigarette use, this is the case. Companies promote [heated tobacco products] when no laws exist or when loopholes allow them to avoid current regulations. This is done to make their products more socially acceptable.

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