Is Laser Hair Removal Expensive?

Is Laser Hair Removal Expensive?


If you’ve been thinking about trying laser hair removal, you may be wondering if it’s worth the cost. On the surface, it may seem expensive, but when you compare it to other methods of permanent hair removal, it is often more cost-effective in the long run. Let’s look at why laser hair removal is an excellent investment for your skin and bank account.

How Laser Hair Removal Works

Laser hair removal works by using a focused beam of light energy to penetrate the skin and target individual hairs. The light energy destroys the follicle, preventing new hairs from growing in that area. Because each follicle is targeted independently, multiple treatments are necessary for optimal results as some hairs may still remain after treatment due to their growth cycles.

Cost Comparison

When compared to other forms of permanent hair removal such as electrolysis or wax hair removal, laser hair removal can save you money over time. Wax hair removal needs to be done every few weeks while electrolysis requires multiple treatments over a long period of time with no guarantee of success. Just one session of laser hair removal can sometimes give permanent results for up to six months or longer depending on your individual body chemistry and regrowth cycle. With regular treatments (around 4-6 per year), most people will see complete and lasting results from their laser hair removal treatments. When considering all those factors, it’s easy to see why laser hair removal is an attractive option both financially and aesthetically!

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal

Not only is laser hair removal cost-effective in comparison to other methods of permanent hair reduction, but there are also several advantages that make it an ideal choice for many people:   • It can remove unwanted facial or body hair with minimal pain or discomfort

  • It can treat large areas quickly and easily
  • It has virtually no downtime
  • It reduces ingrown hairs

With all these factors considered, investing in laser hair removal can be very worthwhile!

Laser Hair Removal Cost in India

Laser hair removal cost in India can vary greatly depending on the particular treatment and where it is performed. Generally speaking, laser hair removal sessions start around Rs. 3,000-4,000 per session. A full body laser hair removal cost can range up to Rs. 15,000 or more. Factors such as the age of the patient, amount of body area being treated and difficulty level of laser adjustments can all contribute to the laser hair removal cost. Many laser centres also provide discounts when laser hair removal treatment is bought as a package. Ultimately, laser costs vary and patrons should shop around beforehand to ensure they’re getting the best price for their budget.

At makeO skinnsi you can get a laser hair reduction treatment at affordable rates. The packages start from  Rs 2,300/month on EMI. You can also book an at-home session  or you can visit our partner clinics. If you choose to get an at-home session then be rest assured that your progress will be monitored by a dermatologist virtually and the treatment will be done by a trained therapist.

Laser hair removal offers many advantages over traditional methods such as waxing or electrolysis and can offer significant savings over time when compared to those options. Plus, with its minimal pain and almost no downtime associated with treatment sessions, there are plenty of reasons why more people are turning towards this popular form of permanent hair reduction. Investing in laser hair removal could be just what you need to feel confident and beautiful in your own skin!


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