Interesting Sauces With My Cuisinart Food Processor

Interesting Sauces With My Cuisinart Food Processor


Cooking has been kind of an art form for me in the last 10 years or so. It’s definitely an outlet for stress. I really enjoy it, and it gives me the chance to be creative.

Initially, I was only cooking at home 3 times a week or so. Otherwise, I’d order takeout or have other dinner plans which obviously didn’t involve me cooking. Since the pandemic, I’ve cut back on how often I go out, which is closer to once a month now, but typically I still get takeout once a week.

One of the things I love making is sauce. When I say that I don’t necessarily mean your typical tomato sauce or some kind of cream sauce, although I do make these in my food processor as well. My sauce preference is more unique.

I tend to use a lot of herbs and fruit and veggie purées. I’ve stumbled upon some really interesting recipes; some that I follow exactly and others that I just use as a loose guideline for something I want to try. I have to say that I’ve come up with quite a few good ones.

The easiest way for me to attempt this kind of adventure is by using my Cuisinart food processor, which is a lifesaver in so many ways. I use it to chop my garlic which was a massive pain, at least for me. I also detest chopping herbs. It’s just so annoying and the fact that my food processor will do this for me gives it a gold star in my book.

Obviously I purée my fruits and vegetables in it as well. At the end, I combine them all in the food processor until I have my desired consistency. They always come out perfectly.

I took my work bowl out of the dishwasher one day a couple of weeks ago to find that it had a crack in it. I didn’t want to test it to see how it would hold up; I figured it would just be better to order myself a new one. I visited KitchenWorksInc to order my new work bowl. They sell actual Cuisinart-dfp-14 parts. While I was at it, I also ordered some new blades since I was using this gadget more often.

In a few short days I was back to making my sauces. Luckily I had some frozen food that would last me a while, so I never really ran short. I just prefer to have as many options as I can at my disposal.

I’ve been enjoying cooking so much with this newfound love of different types of sauces that I’ve started hosting dinner parties of my own where I invite friends or family over to try them out. As strange as it sounds, it’s a neat way to get to know your friends and family in a new way. I’ve even started gifting them sauces that they’ve given me many compliments on.

So not only is this a great creative outlet for me, I’m cooking more at home which means saving money, I’m eating more healthfully, and I’ve found a new way to connect with the people that are most important in my life. It’s really a wonderful experience and my Cuisinart food processor has basically given me the confidence to make it all happen.


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