Important information about A2 English test

Important information about A2 English test


If you have stayed for 2 years in the UK with your spouse and your visa is about to expire it is time for you to apply for the A2 English test. This test is mandatory for extension of your spouse visa 2 years after you have given the A1 English test. This test is a UKVI approved exam for extension of a spouse visa or further leave to remain. The information provided here will help you know everything about this exam right from the A2 English test booking to the rules and regulations of the exam.

Preparing for the A2 English test

The exam consists of a 7-minute long speaking and listening sessions so you should focus on these areas for practicing. You will get online resources that can help you with both but your efforts are necessary. You should focus more on pronouncing the word correctly rather than mugging up different words. Your examiner will ask you questions to check whether you understand and answer it accordingly.

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So you should make more conversations that can help you with the proper understanding of the language. Before the exam make sure you get a good night’s sleep to prepare yourself mentally. Be relaxed before your examination starts so that you do not panic in your examination hall. You can also read magazines to increase your speaking skills.

Booking for the exam

You can book for the exam in the online mode with the help of your provider. You can choose the date convenient for you to give the exam and appear for it on the same date. You can pay the exam fee online which is 200.00 GBP once you have done it you can wait for the day of the examination.

Rules to be followed

There are certain rules that the candidate has to follow in the exam center such as:

  • If the center provides you any form you need to fill it and also read instructions very carefully. You must always keep your ID proofs with you and produce it when asked.
  • You must not keep any electronic gadgets with you if it is prohibited.
  • You should not speak any controversial topics or use language that can be deemed as rude.
  • Any personal data provided by you will never be used or shared without your permission.
  • If the center finds that a candidate did not abide by the rules the result will not be issued as the center has the right to disclosing the results.

The Center will never give feedback on the performances.

These are some of the important information that you should know if you are appearing for the A2 English test. You need to know the A2 English test booking details if you are planning on applying for the extension of your spouse visa in the UK. The candidates who are applying for further leave to remain the UK the details given above will be really helpful for you to appear and clear the test.


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