How to transform your living room with simple lights

How to transform your living room with simple lights


No doubt the best ceiling fan for living room work with the best lights in the same room. But before you will enjoy the best ceiling fan for the living room, you need to spruce up the room to get a maximum feel and effect. This can be done with the various types of lighting systems that are available.

Transforming your living room with lights: The different types of light

If you are looking to change the way your living room look and feel, you can get this from the available various light types. They are ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. All forms lighting can be adapted to change your living room.

The ambient lighting

You can completely transform the look and feel of your room by simply using ambient lighting. This is a generally diffused background light that occupies the entire room and can be used to raise the general light all around the room. While ambient light can be used to fill up your room, however, they may not be ideal for specific tasks like reading on your chair. Many lighting fixtures for living rooms help transform the space with various forms of ambient lighting. I’d you ever need to transform your living room through ambient, there are several good examples. Ambient lighting is produced by ceiling chandeliers, ceiling pendant lights, wall sconces (room sides), Flush ceiling lights, ceiling recessed lights, and a lit-enabled living room ceiling fan.

Task lighting

Task lighting helps you transform your living room by shining brightly on particular tasks. These types of lights help you highlight specific areas of your living room. It could be over your table, next to your chair, a cosy corner, and so on. Task lighting systems help you do tasks around places that require bright lights. Good examples of task lighting are table lamps, reading lamps, desk lamps, task lamps, full-spectrum lamps, small pendants/swag lights, banker’s lamps or piano lamps.

Accent lighting

Accent lights are mainly used by interior designers to transform a living room area. Of all three lighting systems, accent lighting is used more for the complete transformation of your living spaces. This is why they are used more for decoration. You can get any form of accent lighting to add subtle brilliance of decoration around the living room. They are used to accent certain features of your living room and can introduce a soft soothing glow around particular areas of the living room. Good examples of accent lighting systems include decorated Tiffany lamps, novelty lamps, floor lights, picture lights (highlights artworks), spotlights, and many types of accent lamps.

Important tips to help you transform your living room

The total number of bulbs and their total light output: Using the right amount of bulbs and just the right light output will help transform your living room.

The distance of the light bulbs from specific objects or surfaces: This distance usually influences how much light gets to the subject.

The reflectivity or lightness of surfaces and objects (surfaces that are much darker take in more light)

The sort of light bulbs and their colour temperature.


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