How to switch from PDF to Word

How to switch from PDF to Word


PDF and Word documents are two formats we work with on a daily basis. One action that we need to perform on a regular basis is to convert one format to another. Therefore, in order to do this, we need to know what options are available to us. The good news is that there are several ways to convert these formats.

Below we show you the options that we have available to switch from PDF to Word , so that we can have an editable document accordingly. We have several methods in this regard, all of them very simple, which will be useful in this regard. If you are searching for How to convert docx to PDf, we can help you out.

Web pages

One extremely convenient option, which makes this process very easy, is to use a web page. We have web pages that allow us to convert a PDF file to a Word document . The operation of this type of web pages is very comfortable, because it suffices to upload the document on said site and to select the output format that one wishes to obtain, a document in Word in this case. Moreover, these pages all work the same.

So when we have downloaded the file as a PDF and have selected that we want a Word document , all you need to do is click convert and the process will start. After a few seconds, a document will be made available to us in the desired format, which we can download to our computer. Simple, fast and very comfortable. We have several web pages for this:

  • Smallpdf
  • I likePDF

Each of them will do more than comply in this regard, allowing these documents to be converted to the desired format . In other words, we can switch from PDF to Word in a matter of minutes.

The easiest and fastest way to convert PDF to Word file that you can open on your Mac is by using one of the many free web-based conversion tools. For this example, we’ll use Smallpdf.

Smallpdf’s PDF to Word converter tool is free, but offers more tools and features with its paid premium plans.

Go to on a web browser.

Openness Techniques on your Mac, navigate to the folder where your PDF is saved, select the PDF file, and drag it into the blue space of the web page.You can also select Choose Files to open a file download window, select the corresponding PDF file, and then select Openness .

If your PDF file is stored in your Google Drive or Dropbox account, select the arrow icon next to Choose Files , Then select From Google Drive or From Dropbox to open Google Drive or Dropbox and select the file directly from your account. The conversion progress may take several seconds or more, depending on the file size and the speed of your Internet connection.

When the conversion is complete, select the down arrow next to the file name to instantly download it as a DOCX file.

You can also select the envelope icon to generate a web link, the Dropbox to save it to your Dropbox account, or Google Drive icon to save it to your Google Drive account.

Adobe Acrobat:

The PDF creation program also allows us to convert this format to others , including Word. Although in many cases this is usually a limited option for the paid versions. Thus, some users may end up with limitations in this regard, when they have to use this function in the program.

We need to open said PDF in Adobe Acrobat and then enter the Export option , which is located in the right pane of the screen. Clicking on this option will allow us to export this file in a series of different formats, among which we will find the Word document. We select this format and wait for this process to begin.

After a few seconds, the document is ready . We can save it on the computer, so we just have to choose the location where we want to save it on the computer. This way we already have a Word file, which we can easily edit whenever we want.

Google Docs:

Another method that we can use is Google Docs , just like to convert Word to PDF, we can also use it in reverse. We will need to upload this document to the Google Drive cloud first. Once we have downloaded it, we right click with the mouse on it and choose the Open with option and open it with Google Docs.

A few seconds later we will have this PDF file on the screen , as if it were a document. Therefore, we even have the option to edit it, in case we plan to make any changes to the document. It is therefore possible in this case. Once that’s done, click on the file option at the top of the screen. A drop-down menu will then appear, where we look at the download option.

In this case, we can choose between different files in which to download this PDF. Among them we find Word , which is the one we are going to select and then download. A few seconds later, we will have this document already available on our computer.


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