Answering FAQs That Internet Phone Providers Often Receive!

Answering FAQs That Internet Phone Providers Often Receive!


It’s likely that you’ve heard about internet phone providers and how they’ve changed the entire business landscape throughout recent years. There’s no denying how VoIP technology has provided countless companies with many different advantages, including:

  • Lower costs
  • Improved connectivity
  • Enhanced call quality
  • Scalability
  • Many other telecom features

Today’s business world is incredibly cutthroat, which is why everyone has to do their part to get a competitive edge. Internet phone providers offer investments for businesses of all sizes, and it’s normal for entrepreneurs to have questions about these types of investments prior to signing any contracts.

Below we’re answering some of the most common FAQs that internet phone providers receive from business leaders!

Do internet phone providers allow normal phones?

Absolutely! It’s typically fine for businesses to continue using their existing phone lines and system while integrating VoIP technology. However, it’s important to note that internet phone systems don’t require physical connections like normal landlines.

This means that you’ll need to install a VoIP adapter to your older phone lines in order to use them after you’ve made these types of tech-savvy transitions.

Do VoIP phone lines have actually numbers?

VoIP phones are provided with assigned numbers, but these numbers aren’t tied to a singular physical location like traditional landlines. Because your calls will be received and made through your internet connection, you can take a VoIP phone line literally anywhere there’s WiFi.

It’s also possible for VoIP phone lines to be connected to multiple phone numbers, and your internet phone provider will set up these numbers as a component of your entire system.

Does my business need an internet phone provider?

Yes, you’ll need a third-party internet phone provider to securely set up and maintain your VoIP phone system.

These types of phone system providers help businesses acquire the equipment and devices that you need to establish your new phone system–and scale/modify it as necessary.

Do VoIP phone systems need a special router?

No, you won’t need any type of special router to establish a VoIP phone system at your office. If you already have a solid network connection, you’ll use your existing router for this new system.

Once the VoIP app is initially downloaded, your team members will be able to download the phone system software and begin receiving and making calls from their designated devices.

How secure are internet phone services?

Internet phone providers and their services are obviously going to be subjected to online security threats every now and again, because this is the nature of Web technology these days.

But what’s important for business leaders to remember is that internet phone services aren’t constantly under attack just because they’re slightly vulnerable to cyber threats. With solid cybersecurity strategies in place, internet phone services are incredibly secure!

Some security measures that VoIP users implement include enabling network address translation, authentication, and VPN usage.

Do VoIP phone systems work without an internet connection?

No, it’s impossible to make VoIP calls without Web access. This is because they use what’s referred to as internet protocol to function, so it’s important know that you’ll lost your ability to make calls when the power goes out or you lose internet connection.

However, every internet phone provider has backup methods that get businesses back up and running when Web connections are lost.

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