Faii Ong- Mission to Improve the Life of Patients with Essential Tremor and Parkinson’s Disease

Faii Ong- Mission to Improve the Life of Patients with Essential Tremor and Parkinson’s Disease


Those that suffer from Parkinson’s Disease and Essential Tremor experience involuntary shaking of the hands. As a result of this shaking, they have a tendency to drop and spill things. Keeping their predicament in mind, an esteemed company in the United Kingdom that deals with wearable technology solutions, GyroGear, has stepped forward to ensure these patients are able to improve their quality of life with a pair of special gloves scientifically designed to help them.

Faii Ong – The story behind the creation of GyroGlove

A team of expert and highly specialized medical professionals has stepped forward to create this unique glove with spinning gyroscopes known as the GyroGlove to help these patients and others suffer from involuntary shaking of the nervous system to lead better lives.

Every life-changing creation has a story behind it. The same holds true for GyroGlove as well. Faii Ong is the man behind the creation of GyroGlove, and a personal incident, while he was a medical professional in England, prompted him to create this unique pair of gloves for those who suffered from disorders of the nervous system.

His story began some years ago when he had just completed his graduation and was in a team assigned to look after a 103-year woman in a hospital in England. At the outset, the condition of the said patient was not clear to the doctors- she was suffering from a disease or condition that seemed unknown. His team was assigned to diagnose her condition as they were unclear about whether it was malignant or just a medical case under-diagnosed.

This woman touched him so much that later during the lunch hour, he returned to check on her during the lunch break; however, her plight at that moment triggered the thought of doing something. She was sipping her soup, and due to the shaking of her hands, she spilled everything down her dress.

He took time to clean the patient, and when he asked the nurses what they were doing about her condition, they said they could not do much as she was over 100 years and no medicine was effective on her.

The urge to bring in change

This incident shocked him so much that he decided to do something for such patients who suffered involuntary shaking of the nervous system. He used his wisdom and went back to his childhood days when he played a lot with toys that had gyroscopes’ technology. (widely popular in modern aviation and electronic industries)

It is this technology that prompted him to create the GyroGlove. The gyroscopes rely on angular momentum to maintain stability, and they counteract any force input in any kind of direction uniformly and fast.

Faii Ong has been able to improve the quality of life for those suffering from Parkinson’s Disease and Essential Tremors of the nervous system. His GyroGlove has become so popular due to its unique simplicity and reliability. The hand is stabilized once this glove is worn, and patients get a better grip on the items they want to hold.


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