Essential Practices for Blogger Outreach Services

Essential Practices for Blogger Outreach Services


Blogger outreach is a vital part of content marketing, and when done right, it can come along with breathtaking advantages. Effective blogger outreach is about building rapport with the right bloggers and creating a mutually advantageous agreement. This is a practice where you utilize the best-known influencers or bloggers and have them write about your brand on their sites in exchange for your payment or free products or services.

It is essential to get the basics before you start any blogger outreach campaign management, and below are the fundamentals for any blogger outreach practices:

Research for The Most Relevant Bloggers

Test or identify out different types of bloggers for your target audience. Finding the right blogger takes time and resources. On way of achieving this is by getting professional blogger outreach services. Besides, you can search them via search engines based on the brand categories,for example, “fashion blog.”

Take into consideration the blogger’s online visibility and presence; look at the bloggers on their page for you to know who they are and what they are looking for in a partnership. Don’t partner up with just anyone willing to accept your post but go for the relevant in your niche.

Partition Your Bloggers

When searching on your bloggers, you can end up having a number list of them. By trying to figure out which ones to reach out to, you need to partition them. You can categorize your bloggers into various groups: you can look for those within your forte, followed by SEO metrics such as domain rating.

Use Tools

Doing the blogger outreach manually without tools might work fine but utilizing tools to keep track of your campaigns is essential. Outreach tools can help you find relevant bloggers and sites for your niche. Additionally, these tools can help you keep track of your outreach emails and filter out sites not related to your preferred metrics.

Approach Bloggers the Right Way

It is advisable that before sending your potential bloggers an email, engage with them on social media or in the comment section of their sites. Showing an interest in their works can create a solid relationship before a pitch is ever made.

Personalize Your Outreach Pitch

Avoid sending out standard emails to every blogger you approach. Although it’s hard to personalize all emails or even every part of them, it aims to personalise aspects of email based on the chosen segment. This may include Brief background of you and your brand, why you think you two can partner, what you need from the blogger and what you are offering for a mutually beneficial relationship.

Build Long-Term Relationships

After your initial influencer outreach, make an effort to nature the relationship so that it finally becomes mutually beneficial in the long run. For a successful long term relationship, be clear on what you can offer and what you expect from the influencers or bloggers to be a win-win situation.

Be Precise

Most of these famous bloggers and influencers receive emails daily. So, you should be aware that they have no luxury of time to read through long emails; hence they can end up even trashing emails. On that note, after you did your introduction in the email. Go straight to the point of why you are reaching out. Be professional, informative and interesting.


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