What Do You Need for An Enjoyable Walk with Your Pet?

What Do You Need for An Enjoyable Walk with Your Pet?


There is nothing worse than walking with your dog and finding that you have run out of poop bags after the deed has been done. Or if you have decided to go for a long walk on the spur of the moment and cannot find anywhere for the dog to have a drink. The good folk at Voyager Harness say that assembling your own walk kit for dogs is a great idea. Similarly, if you have a cat that you have trained to walk on a leash, a walk kit for cats might also be useful. So, what would be the best items to have in the kit?

A Dedicated Bag

If you are making your own kit that you can grab whenever you are heading out for a walk with your pet, it would be a good idea to have a dedicated bag, preferably one that you can easily put on your back. Look for a backpack with a variety of pockets so that you can easily access what you need, when you need it.

Collar or Harness and Leash

Most dogs wear collars all the time because it provides a place for ID tags to be attached. Some people attach their dog’s leash to the collar, but others will use a harness. The choice is entirely yours. If you use a collar, you will only need to put the leash in the backpack, but if your dog uses a harness, you should keep it in the bag along with the leash.

Poop Bag Dispenser & Sanitizer

A poop bag dispenser is typically designed to be clipped to the handle of a leash for easy access. But replacement bags can be placed inside the backpack for those times when you finish a roll and then your dog decides to poop again further down the road.

After picking up dog poop and disposing of it in a dedicated trash can, you might be feeling a bit icky. Having a bottle of liquid hand gel in the bag is a great idea.

Snacks and Water for You and Your Dog

Keep items in the bag for both you and your dog to eat or drink, just in case you decide to spontaneously go for a longer walk than usual. A granola bar and a bottle of water will be handy for you, but make sure you have water for your dog too, as well as some treats. You can buy water bottles with a little drinking bowl attached. The water is squeezed into the bowl. Once the dog has had its fill, you can tip out the remaining water as it will not go back inside the bottle.

A Towel for Muddy/Wet Paws

A towel is recommended for your kit because dogs like to get wet. Whether you are walking on the beach in the summer or along muddy trails in the winter, having a towel to wipe muddy paws before getting back in the car will save you a cleaning job later.

Reflective Strips or Lights for Nighttime Walks

High-vis strips or lights are ideal for nighttime walks. You will already know the importance of being seen, but it is just as important that other people can see your pet too. You can attach high-vis reflective strips or LED lights to your pet’s harness or collar for greater visibility.

First Aid Kit

It is always a good idea to have a first-aid kit in your bag, particularly if you like long walks in the countryside where your dog could come across other animals or obstacles that cause injury. It is always best to have something on hand to disinfect and bandage any cuts should they occur.

Having your own walk kit for dogs will mean you have everything you need should you require it, making your walks more enjoyable.


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