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Stand Up for Your Health Now


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You might be slowly sitting your way to death. It seems like an odd statement, but it is a reality. According to statistics, one infour Americans spends more than eight hours sitting. World Health Organization links 6% of deaths globally to a sedentary lifestyle.

Furthermore, a study has found that sitting can increase the mortality rate by 71%. Obesity is a primary health concern in the United States. We have a 42.4% obesity rate, and a sedentary lifestyle contributes to it.

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We all want a long healthy life, but sitting is not going to help with it. Keep reading to find out how harmful sitting can be and how you can beat the habit of sitting for too long.

How Sitting Affects Your Body

Sitting for long periods is called a sedentary lifestyle. Even though several public health messages have warned people of it being a health hazard, Americans continue to sit for too long. A sedentary lifestyle is a prime contributor to obesity, heart disease, and even some forms of cancers. Here are a few negative impacts of sitting for prolonged periods.

Cardiovascular Health

Lipo protein lipase is an enzyme the human body uses for fat metabolism. When people sit for extended periods, the body’s production of the said enzyme decreases by 90%,making fat metabolism difficult. This decrease leads to type II diabetes (due to insulin resistance) and obesity, which are major contributors to cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, sitting for too long has a direct negative impact on your cardiovascular health.

Hips and Back Pain

We do not even realize itbut end upsitting in a terrible posture for hours. This puts immense pressure on our hips, back, and decreasesjointhealth which can causeim mense damage. Experts say that prolonged sitting leads topermanent damage to your back and hip. This would be difficult to fix with therapy.

Mental Health

Exercise and physical activity release endorphins, which are feel-good hormones. These can have a positive effect on your mood and help manage mental health. People who sit for too long can miss the positive effects of physical activity and exercise. The link between a sedentary lifestyle and mental health is still being studied.However, we do know that people who sit longer are more prone to anxiety and depression.

Weight Fluctuation

Physical activity and regular exercise help digest the food consumed. However, if one is unable to get the necessary exercise, the process of digestion becomes inefficient. This will lead to fat accumulation and digestive disorders. Asedentary lifestyle could cause you to gain weight as it reduces the amount of physical activity one gets throughout the day.

Ways to Avoid the Dangers of Sitting

Be Physically Active

Try to work out regularly. If you do not have the habit to exercise every day and find it difficult, start with a physical activity you enjoy like walks in the park or cycling. You can spend 30 minutes every day doing the chosen activity and build up your stamina to incorporate other beneficial workouts. Regular physical activity will help you stay in shape and decrease the chances of heart disease.

Improve Your Sitting Posture

People sit in a bad posture for prolonged hours, which could cause a plethora of hip and joint diseases. Try to sit with your back straight and have solid back support on your chair. Find a chair with armrests,to reduce pressure on your shoulder. Keep your elbows perpendicular to the table and do not slouch.

Take Breaks from Sitting

Set an alarm on your smartwatch or phone that reminds you to go for a walk after short small intervals. This will help you avoid prolonged sitting and reduce the physical damage caused by it. It will also help you refocus and rewind for a bit.

In Summary

Sitting is a normal activity and unavoidable in some job settings. However, if you sit in one place for too long, you are putting your physical and mental health at risk. Follow the tips mentioned in the post to break the bad habit of sitting and move towards a healthier life.


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