What Are The Top Benefits Of Availing Professional Cremation Services?

What Are The Top Benefits Of Availing Professional Cremation Services?


Cremation services are quite prevalent in the 21st century. This is because they present several benefits that burial ceremonies do not. Some of these benefits are expounded below.


If you compare the price list for burials and that for cremations, you will realize that cremations are way cheaper. The overall cost of a cremation is 45 – 50 % cheaper than that of a burial. This is because a cremation ceremony does not require caskets or headstones that might be quite expensive. Moreover, cremation ceremonies do not necessarily require a burial ground in the cemetery that might also cost money. This makes cremation services sydney quite appropriate for mourners operating on a tight budget


A cremation service can be quite simplified in comparison to a burial service. Typically, a burial ceremony requires several beforehand preparations that can be quite complicated, such as organizing pallbearers, securing a spot in the cemetery, etc. On the other hand, a cremation ceremony is not complicated and does not necessitate too much planning. Though some people prefer to hold traditional funerals alongside the cremation, it is still quite simplified than a burial ceremony.


A burial ceremony has two alternatives, i.e., placing the casket in a mausoleum or burying the casket in a plot. On the other hand, a cremation service in Sydney has several alternatives for dealing with the deceased’s ashes. For example, the ashes can be scattered in a specific location or stored in a special urn, among many other options. This provides essential flexibility, unlike burials, that only have two main options.

Environmentally Friendly

Many people argue that cremation is more eco-friendly than a burial ceremony. For example, burials use harmful chemicals to embalm the corpse for the funeral ceremony. When this corpse is buried, the chemicals are likely to dissipate to the ground, thus negatively impacting the environment. Moreover, burial ceremonies trouble the land to bury a coffin. Basically, coffins are made of wood, and this promotes deforestation. On the other hand, cremation services in Sydney are environmentally friendly because they do not overwhelm the earth’s resources. They do not disturb the earth, nor do they expose harmful chemicals on the earth’s surface.

Cemetery Space

A burial ceremony requires a place for the casket to be buried. In recent times, cemeteries are becoming overwhelmed, and it’s getting quite tricky to find free space. This has, in turn, made cemetery space quite expensive for some families to afford. Cremation services do not require cemetery space. This saves on the trouble of looking for one and also helps save on the costs.

Quite a Relaxed Position from Religion

Traditionally, many religions strictly opposed and discouraged their members from conducting cremation services for their departed. However, in modern times, many religions have relaxed their stance. For instance, in 2016, the Vatican published new rules on cremation ceremonies. However, the Vatican told their faithful that the ashes of the departed should not be scattered but should be stored in a secure place. Therefore, cremation services in Sydney are accommodating people from different religions too.


These various benefits of cremation will help individuals choose between cremation services or burial services for a departed loved one


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