4 Ways To Get Rid Of An Overblown Ego

4 Ways To Get Rid Of An Overblown Ego


I’m sure you’ve heard about the ego. It’s that thing that makes us feel like we’re better than everyone else and can do anything on our own. However, sometimes an overblown ego can get in the way of success.

The funny trivia questions about yourself can kick start the conversation and get people laughing. You can ask them about themselves, or you can tell them a story that you think they’ll like.

Luckily for us, there are ways to get rid of an overblown ego so it doesn’t stop us from achieving great things:

1- Do your research

You can use research to check your ego. Do your research and see if you’re the best at what you do. Are you as good as people say?

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Doing research is also a great way of getting rid of an overblown ego because it gives you perspective. When someone tells me that I am amazing, I always like to ask them how they know. And when they can’t answer, or their evidence isn’t very strong, then it makes me wonder if maybe they are just saying that to make themselves feel better.

2- Reflect on your actions

It’s important to reflect on your actions, and be honest with yourself. Think about what you’re doing that is causing problems, and think about what you’re doing that is making you happy. Think about what you’re doing that is making others happy.

This will help you figure out which behaviors are ego-driven, and which ones are not. It can also help you find ways of improving those behaviors without losing your sense of self-worth.

3- Get outside of yourself

The first step is to get outside of yourself. You should be willing to try things that you wouldn’t normally do, and be open to new ideas and experiences. This is the only way you can grow as a person, so it’s important that we all learn how to do this.

The second step is asking for help when you need it from others, whether they are your friends or family members or complete strangers on the internet. You’ll find that most people will be willing to help if you just ask them nicely about whatever problem it is that you’re having at the moment.

4- Be present

Mindfulness training is a popular and effective way to reduce ego, because it helps you focus on the present moment and relinquish negative thoughts. You can practice mindfulness by meditating, going on a walk or doing yoga, or even just taking pauses throughout your day to breathe deeply and stay focused on what’s happening right now. Being aware of your surroundings also helps eliminate any unnecessary mental clutter, you won’t be worrying about things that happened in the past or might happen in the future when you’re fully focused on what’s happening right here and now.

Ego can be healthy

The ego can be healthy for us, but when it gets in the way and makes us more difficult to work with, it can be an obstacle.

The ego is a good thing. It’s what drives people to excel at their jobs or personal goals. It’s confidence and ambition, are both important qualities to have when you want something badly enough that you’re willing to go above and beyond others in order to get it done. Ego helps us get where we need to go, but sometimes our egos get too inflated.

Confidence is not the same as ego either.

Confidence has its place as well, think about how much better off we’d all be if everyone had more confidence than they do now (we’d all have perfect skin.). But confidence isn’t really about being overly confident in yourself; instead, it’s believing that whatever goals you set out for yourself are achievable even though there might be some obstacles along the way. Confidence will help keep those obstacles from getting too big for us because we’ll know that no matter what happens next time around, or at least most times around, we’ll still manage just fine.


The bottom line is that ego isn’t all bad, and it can even be a good thing. But when it gets in the way of what you want to do, then it needs to go. And if those four tips don’t work, then try something else.


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