Varieties of wash basins

Varieties of wash basins


Bathrooms are the most relaxing space in the entire house and one wants to rejuvenate there for a few moments after a whole day of stressful work. Wash basins are also an integral part of the bathroom.

One always tries to put up a nice and stylish wash basin with cabinet online in their bathroom to make it look even better and classy. There are different varieties of wash basins available in the market that one can choose from. They are regular but stylish at the same time. In fact, these wash basins can make you bathrooms look even better and sometimes they do make a stark contrast with the rest of the interior.

Here are some top styles of wash basins to choose from:

Wall Mounted Ceramic Basins

These are the most common varieties of wash basins available in the market but that does not mean that they are not stylish enough. They are affordable and it is also very easy to install them. When one wants to go for these basins, they should know that in order to install these basins, one needs a counter or a table to hold them because they are attached directly to the walls of the bathrooms. One can go for different shapes and sizes when it comes to this wash basin and when it comes to colours they mostly come in white.

Table Mounted Ceramic Basins

These are also very common type when it comes to basins and they are easy to install in the bathroom. But one needs to add a sturdy counter top in the bathroom so that it can hold the wash basin properly. These counters can be made from metal, wood, glass, granite or marble. These basins also mostly come in white colours and they look really good in luxurious bathrooms.

Coloured Ceramic Wash Basins

They are also similar to the above mentioned wash basin types but the difference is that, they come in different colours. There are some which come in single colours and there are some which comes in a combination of colours and patterns. These bright and attractive colours add some more spunk to the bathroom.

Marble Wash Basins

These are mostly made from Italian marbles which are mostly black or cream in colour. These marbles need a counter and they are placed at the top of the counter. They are complemented well in a luxurious bathroom which has a marble flooring and a wall panelling.

Onyx Wash Basins

They are table mounted wash basins and are made entirely out of onyx. This is a kind of radiant and translucent stones and they have an incredible depth of colour. But white ones are very expensive and they are rare in the market as well.

Stone Pedestal Wash Basins

They are free standing wash basins which does not need to be mounted against the wall or needed to be placed on a counter top.

One can easily buy wash basin online and choose from the varieties that are in store.


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