Points to Know When Choosing Condolences Flowers

Points to Know When Choosing Condolences Flowers


Funerals are the most delicate and emotional time for the departed family. So, selecting the right flowers is an important task that needs to be treated with proper care, respect and sympathy. Let us look at a few things when choosing and sending condolences flowers singapore for the mourning: It is the time for your gesture to be remembered in the positive way and not the wrong way.

First consideration always comes to the budget that most of the people go through such time. It is simple to overspend when you are under duress of loss. If you do not want to face such uncomfortable situation where you have no control on your expenses or do not understand what to send, then one thing you can do is plan before what you can do for such situations.

Selecting the Best Flower Arrangement

Generally, a wreath or casket spray comes from the members of an immediate family. But, people who aren’t related to the deceased family, hanging baskets, bouquets in vases and standing sprays will be the best option; also they are simple to deliver.

What Type of Flowers You Must Send?

There’re not any particular set of flowers designated or appropriate for the condolences flowers. It can be the area of consideration; perhaps they had any special or particular favorite flower. This can be an area that you would like to focus. Normally, you can send whatever you wish but make sure it is fresh and in good taste.

There’re some that are classically used in funeral, condolences and sympathy flowers like lilies, gladioli, roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, and a few more. Majority of the flowers are arranged in the sprays, wreaths, or inside a casket piece.

The most popular funeral flowers are lilies and this kind of lily symbolizes sympathy when given in white. You can find stargazer lilies in many of colors and matched on what message you want to give to the recipient. Generally, lilies represent purity and innocence, and it is one wonderful message to convey to the deceased family.

Another popular flowers are roses, they are the most popular and recognizable flower. They are dressed in the casket spray or adorned in one vase again depending how you want this flower to appear. Different color roses symbolize different meanings; like red rose is said to be the romantic flower and white roses are the symbol of humility and youthfulness.


Carnations are yet another amazing choice of flower for funerals. These types of flowers represent remembrance and pure love that is a perfect message you can send to the deceased family. Not just is the message sweet, but these are the hardy flowers and last long even after the funeral is over.


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