Need of Legal Translation Services in Dubai

Need of Legal Translation Services in Dubai


A Legal translation is a translation of an official document with public faith that can only be done by qualified professionals, as a public translator. This professional is nominated by the Board of Trade of the state in which he resides. The search for this type of service has increased a lot in recent years with the popularization of exchange programs among people who wish to improve their knowledge, whether they are academic or professional, and also have experience in another country.

But until the long-awaited trip happens, a lot of bureaucracy is necessary to ensure that all documentation is correct and up to date. Check out some tips from to get some questions about documents that need Legal translations.

1 Why do institutions require documents with a legal translation?

They are normally required in the case of documents that must be presented in court cases or that need to have “public faith”, such as case records, powers of attorney, financial statements, social contracts, school transcripts and certificates for other universities. These Legal documents have greater acceptability and are lifelong worldwide.

2 Documents that most need Legal translation

The documents most requested in other countries for exchange are: school transcripts up to the moment of enrollment in the selection process, certificates relevant to the course or work to be carried out, diploma and curriculum.

Other very common documents that may need Legal translation in specific cases are the certificates (birth, marriage and death), diplomas, identity card, and driver’s license.

3 Do exchange students who come from other countries to Dubai also need Legal translations?

Yes. Like students who leave Dubai abroad, foreign students need to go through all the bureaucracies required by universities and institutions.

4 How to choose a good Legal translation company and a translator?

All Legal translators must be certified by the commercial board of your state, as that professional can only work in the state in which you reside. Each translator has a registration number, like every professional.

It is preferable to hire a company that provide Legal Translation in Dubai whose mother tongue is the language into which the document will be translated. Make sure that the translation company proposes a deadline that is in line with yours. If the translation is technical, make sure the translator has the knowledge to do it.

5 What is the value of a Legal translation of a document?

The amount is fixed and established by the State Board of Trade of the Legal translator you hire.

After all the documents are translated and in hand, it’s time to pack up and embark on a great new life experience. Good trip!


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