Can you avoid losing trades in Forex?

Can you avoid losing trades in Forex?


Trading the Forex market has always been a complicated task for naïve traders. Those who have extensive experience can make a decent profit. But if you talk about lay people or those with little experience, we are sad to say, the majority of people are losing money. Just have a look at the professional traders who are leading their dream life in Hong Kong. Do you think they can avoid losing trades? No one can avoid losing orders. If you want to make a consistent profit, you have to learn to trade with discipline. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the amazing ways you can easily avoid losing trades and become a pro trader.

Stop chasing the trend

Rookie traders are always trying to chase the market trend. Once they miss an opportunity they think they have missed the best trades. But nothing in this world is sure. The traders can never analyze the market trend with 100% accuracy. If you want to make a profit, you must stop chasing the market trend. You don’t have to push yourself to the extreme point to earn a huge amount of profit. Think about the long term goals and try to improve your skills over some time. If you miss a good trade, wait for the next trade setup. Never become frustrated about a missed opportunity.

Trade with discipline

To avoid losing trades, you must trade with discipline. Never think you will always win the trade just by becoming a disciplined trader. Forex market is unpredictable and no one can say a certain trade will work in the long run. If you want to develop yourself as a professional trader, make sure you learn to trade this market with proper discipline. Never break the rules of trading because if you do so, you are going to lose most of the time. Create a written rule so that you can learn a lot of new things from this market. Forget the fact that you have to make millions of dollars profit. Learn to trade this market with discipline and you will slowly become a skilled trader in the Forex market.

Trade with low risk

You must learn to trade the market with low risk to protect your trading capital. Those who are trying to make a bigger profit from this market are always making big mistakes. They are trying to earn more money by increasing the lot size and eventually they blow up the trading account. But if you notice the skilled traders, it won’t take much to learn the details of this market. At the initial stage, you should never try to trade this market with more than a 3% risk. If you do so, you should never try to become a fulltime trader. Develop a low-risk exposure trading strategy so that you can make a big profit without losing too much.Learn more about it.

Having realistic expectations

If you start trading the real market with realistic expectations, you will notice a significant improvement in your trading performance. Rookie traders are always losing money because they don’t know the importance of setting realistic goals. They are always trying to earn a huge amount of money by increasing risk exposure. But things are different when it comes to the investment profession. You need to set realistic goalsotherwise the market is going to hunt you down. Try to learn from senior traders who have years of experience at trading and you will get a clear idea of realistic goals at trading.


You can never avoid the losing trades. But by following the rules in this article, you can expect to make some decent profit. Think about the long term goals and try to improve your skills. Never forget the fact that losing is just a part of this profession. So, reduce the risk of trading by decreasing the lot size.


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