Myths About Architects and Builders

Myths About Architects and Builders


We all dream of having a beautiful, well-designed home, but the process of building a home is very time taking. Even hiring an architect near you for house plans is a very lengthy process and sometimes uncomfortable as well. You all have some inflexible ideas about working with architects and builders. You think they are expensive; you can hire them for big projects only and they will not take care of your preference and will lead in design, planning, and everything related. In big cities, you have many options when talking about real estate consultants. Companies like Radvi can help you explore the best builders in Coimbatore. Although there are many myths about architects that should be cleared out. Here we have stated some of the myths that everyone has regarding architects and builders.

What Are the Myths That We Have About Architects and Builders?

1. Architects Only Take on Large-Scale Projects

People think that you can hire an architect only when working on some big projects. Although that is not true and residential architecture has a wide practice in India. It depends on the budget; an architect can work for medium to high-level budgets. Some good real estate agencies can help you in medium-budget property dealing, renovations, and building a completely new home.

Builders have the skill and experience to work on design services that include interior and landscape design. You can work with an architect even if you want to change the veranda of your home. Hiring an architect would save you a lot of time and help in planning further. A builder can be the creator in making a unique place. They have years of expertise in doing this and you alone will not be able to pull off such designing and planning.

2.You Can Take Multi-Services from an Architect

An architect can work in a multi-dimensional way. They have the expertise of a designer and a contractor all in one. Most of the clients expect the architect to be helping them out in many ways like design their house and also take responsibility for its construction. Inexperienced people have this notion that architects will help them in every step of the construction, which is not true. Each work requires specialization but most of the time is grouped as one.

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3. Architects are expensive

This is not completely a myth but every skill and expertise come at some price. In the long run, it turns out to be cheaper than looking out for architects and builders in between the project. Telling them the complete process and correcting them will take a lot of time. However, the charges vary with each builder and architect and depend on the extent of the project. Architects are never as exclusive compared to the total cost of the project. Contact Radvi today to have the best architects near you for house plans. They are more motivated towards the building home design and help you avoid buying products that are not necessary for the project.

In the end, the fee paid to a builder is a small part of the big project cost plus the architects add a lot of value and quality to the work. The result of having an architect will be a lot more than not having one. It would be great if you have a realistic budget in mind before deciding on fees you can give to a professional. Only after making such crucial decisions, you should approach an architect, as they can add a fresh outlook to the design. If you have an enormously low budget for your project then only hiring an architect is expensive. In such a scenario only having an architect is unaffordable because you already have a tight budget and it does not leave much room for their fee. Also, an architect will have to spend plenty of time and effort on the project, regardless of the budget. So, it is only fair if you pay a decent fee to them.

4. Architects Don’t Give Preference to Your Choices

For a successful project, it is significant that you and your architects are in constant communication with each other. If you have a clear idea of what you want for your home, then you should convey it to them and, together, you both can interpret the same into reality. You both can work perfectly in the coordination of the design, but you need to have a healthy conversation and an open mind. Always allow the important changes. Don’t rush things with the preference of just one of you. The sharing project vision will allow the architect to give you a deeper understanding and some fresh ideas too. They are expert and more tech-savvy and have a greater understanding of the current design and construction trends.

Residential construction and design drafts are the appearances of your dreams transformed into brick and mortar by the architect. That is why you both need to be in perfect coordination throughout the project. Architects take control of the process and project, not the design.

5. All the Architects Are Same

Every professional is different from the other. They have had their skills, scope, fortes, and weaknesses. Therefore, it is significant for you to do your homework before finalising your architect with whom you want to work on the project. It’s a close relationship that will last for months and will decide the fate of the project. So, watchful consideration needs to be paid in the selection process. References are at times more vital than almost any other characteristic.

They all have their style and design tactics. It is important to see their previous work and meet them in person to decide the result.

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