Marketing on the Internet: opportunities and threats

Marketing on the Internet: opportunities and threats


Internet marketing, also known as network marketing, digital marketing or e-marketing, is a general term used to describe online marketing. It is the marketing of a brand or company, its products or services to customers through digital channels such as search engines, websites, e-mail, social media and mobile applications. The main goal is to increase high-quality web traffic, reach new customers and increase sales, as well as increase brand awareness and create a positive image of the company online. Online marketing can also be an effective way to identify the target market, identify needs and build long-term relationships with customers or build a reputation as an expert in your field.

Businesses are increasingly moving from traditional TV, radio and print advertising to online marketing, where they can reach a wider and more specific audience for less money and measure the effectiveness of the money they spend. Even with a limited budget, online marketing can help you reach customers at all stages of the buying cycle. Whether the customer is still considering a purchase or is in the final stages of the purchase funnel.

Social media marketing of Internet Service Providers like Atlantek Computers Ltd

More than 2.6 billion active Facebook users worldwide. Just three months ago, in December 2019, this figure was 2.38 billion. More importantly, 1.78 billion people use Facebook every day (, more than 330 million users are active on Twitter every month (, Instagram users have passed 1 billion active users (very rapid growth in just a few years; and TikTok, born in 2016, has now passed 800 million users worldwide ( These are impressive numbers that illustrate better than any words how important and critical social media presence (and experience) is for any business today. It’s where both existing users and new customers can find you. By implementing a good social media marketing strategy, ISPs will increase their attractiveness, increase customer engagement and thus increase customer demand and loyalty. Finally, poor social media management can have a devastating impact on your reputation. This is another reason why businesses need to pay attention to what is happening on social media. An example of a very aggressive, creative and effective use of social media is the Irish internet service provider Atlantek Computers Ltd.

Where is online marketing practical?

The definition of search marketing is quite broad and varied. Over the years, this has changed as new opportunities have emerged to market and showcase what your company has to offer. The first and most common of these includes paid PPC advertising (e.g. Google ads) and search engine optimisation and positioning (i.e. resources to gain visibility in Google and other search engine results). But this is only the basic model, as specialists also include social media activities (which can also be PPC campaigns), creation of appropriate content for websites, use of the possibilities offered by Google Maps – business cards for the website – preparation of video content for typical YouTube channels. Suddenly it becomes clear that the options are many and not everyone has to decide on all of them at once. Depending on the nature of your business, your field of activity, your target audience, your budget and the age of your website, you can choose the services you want. This flexibility is undoubtedly a great advantage. In the same way, marketing activities on the Internet (usually) target people who are interested in your topic in one way or another: by typing certain keywords into a search engine, by searching for specific information on a specific topic, by looking for a special offer on a specific topic or by visiting a website belonging to a precisely selected target group.

So how does it work? There are many ways to market online, but are they easy to use? Yes and no. It depends on who you are targeting and who is doing it. Online marketing is so widespread that most businesses are doing it. Atlantek Computers does online marketing, pushing their wireless and fibre broadband connections on Irish market. This means competitiveness in all sectors, but only on a certain scale. For some keywords, that time is huge, while other local and narrow keywords only take six months to reach the top.

Well, six months… For some businesses, three times more does not have the desired effect precisely because of competition. That’s why it’s hard to expect immediate results when marketing on the web. Positioning can take months or even decades to deliver the expected results. And during this time it is necessary to bear the costs….. It is true that it is possible for an agency to provide SEO support, for example by developing blog content, tutorials, photo descriptions and event videos on websites and social media, thus reducing some external costs and increasing the credibility of online events. However, cyclical (and initially continuous) updating, monitoring, keyword selection, keyword exclusion, writing formats and communication methods, target audiences.

These activities and their effects can produce interesting results and give the company a chance to survive the competition. One condition. That they are carried out by one or more people with specific professional skills. Internet marketing is now a very broad concept that requires the ability to plan, implement and control activities in different sectors. Therefore, either an in-house SEO department is needed, which is not economically advantageous for small companies, or it needs to be outsourced to marketing agencies. Internet marketing done in this way is actually an investment in the future of the company.


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