How to feed my cat during my vacation?

How to feed my cat during my vacation?

Yep, the holidays are coming! When you leave the house for a few days you should make sure your cat is fed enough. Our advice so that your cat does not miss anything

The kibble dispenser

No more cat pâté cups that dry up and attract flies or stagnant water! There are now smart accessories for cats in pet stores and large areas to plan the sufficient dose of kibble and water for a weekend. The dispenser of food includes a reservoir for pouring the proper amount of kibbles inside and protects them from ambient moisture. So your cat gradually tastes his kibbles, when he is hungry, in the lower part. It is the same process for water. It is an ideal and economical solution for an extended weekend ( 2/3 days max. )

If your cat does not support standing water (yes, it does!) There is what is called a water fountain. In a motorized tank connected to the electric current, the water is sucked up and poured out by a small jet in a cup in which your tomcat can drink as if you had turned on the tap!

The cats pad

So far in pre-order, this smart distributor has been on sale since this month! Much more expensive (around 389 € or 461 CHF), it is a gem of technology and innovation! Developed by a start-up supported by French Tech, this connected device can be controlled using a mobile application. It contains up to 8 liters of water and 1.7 kg of kibble, enough to leave your cat with the necessary food and drink for a whole month! It is programmed to deliver the amount of food recommended by veterinarians and dispenses water filtered, always in motion (ha! you see that it is useful 😉 Designed to be used by several cats – incredible but true – it recognizes the cat according to its chip and thus adapts to its needs. Discover all these features and order it online on the brand’s website

Keep my cat

Of course the simplest solution – and the most economical – is to be able to keep your cat by a loved one, a friend or a neighbor, and this for free. This trustworthy person must be able to organize to come to your home every 2 days to make sure your cat is well, change his litter box, fill his bowl with water or kibble and ideally take him out so that ‘he takes the air.

You do not have the possibility of entrusting your fur ball to your entourage, or that a person visits it at the house? Our cat sitters take care of your pet during the week, during the weekend or during the holidays. Consult now the profiles of competent job seekers and those close to you in the Animal Care section from YoupiJob. You describe your needs exactly, you set your own tariff, and you just have to choose from the offers of our jobbers. You can trust, each member is validated by the YoupiJob operation team. Then once active, his file presents the comments and ratings of his previous customers. So you can go quiet and enjoy your vacation!


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