Harris Kreichman – Is Artificial Intelligence Reshaping the World of Email Marketing Today?

Harris Kreichman – Is Artificial Intelligence Reshaping the World of Email Marketing Today?

Email marketing is very popular in the world today, primarily because of its cost-effective techniques and direct approach. In fact, businesses that do not use email marketing generally lose out a lot when it comes to increasing targeted traffic and boosting sales conversions. Email marketing has evolved in recent years, and today it is incorporated with artificial intelligence to make it more personal and successful among the targeted audience.

Harris Kreichman – The relationship between artificial intelligence and email marketing

Harris Kreichman is a strong name to reckon with when it comes to digital and email marketing in the USA. He is the owner of eTargetmedia and is a certified marketing professional with over 20 years of valuable experience under his belt.

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He is widely respected and known for his successful track records when it comes to boosting the lead conversions and profits of businesses of his clients.

AI can boost sales conversions faster

 He says for most people; the term “artificial intelligence” seems quite daunting. You might have come across the term in movies and are familiar with the way it works. However, for email marketing, the concept of artificial intelligence works in a completely different way. He goes on to explain that though AI does sound overwhelming to most business owners and they often land up confused. He says that artificial intelligence in any email marketing campaign refers to the automation of the email copies that are sent to the targeted audience. It is the process of sending the most relevant email to the specific person at the appropriate time.

Advantages of AI for email marketing to consider-

He says that AI for email marketing has the following advantages that business owners should consider-

  1. Businesses can improve their personal experience with the customer with content that has the “human touch” if they incorporate artificial intelligence in their emails.
  2. With the help of AI, businesses are able to segregate their customers smartly as the automation process will help them understand the unique interest, behavior, and buying patterns of their customers better.
  3. With artificial intelligence, business owners are able to boost the workflow of emails in a better and organized way giving access to improved email conversions over time faster.
  4. Artificial intelligence helps the business to gain maximum optimization with its present ongoing email campaigns.

Harris Scott Kreichman states that the biggest benefit of using artificial intelligence for email marketing campaigns is that you get an improved level of customer engagement with your targeted audience. This is essential if you really wish to transform regular customers into loyal customers. He says that you can consult professionals from esteemed email and digital marketing companies or agencies to help you kickstart your email marketing campaigns with artificial intelligence.

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In this way, you are able to improve your personal touch with your customers and invoke emotional responses from them positively. This helps you gain their trust and credibility in the market giving you a strategic edge over your peers with success!


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