Appeal to PM NarendraModi to provide helping hands to stranded Indians

Appeal to PM NarendraModi to provide helping hands to stranded Indians


Indians in Japan are requesting the Prime Minister of India “NarendraModi” to help the citizens and rescue them from other countries. There are no platforms left where people have not urged for their rescue and appeal to the Indian authorities to save them from a foreign land. India is now becoming one of the countries who have left their people in the middle of the situation without realizing the consequences and problems people are facing.

The government should start realizing there’s a family who is waiting for its father, brother, sister, and many other relations needing their government support to save them. The risk factor is increasing to the lockdown period and it is creating the tension and chaos that nobody wants. Every action has its consequences and leaving those Indian citizens in a foreign land is like a threat that nobody is seeing.

Lockdown May Increase

This is another horrific factor that people have to stay back in their houses for their safety and others. Everyone is looking after each other and making moves to defeat this virus but few people are not understanding the risk factor they are causing to their closed ones.

This is one perspective and once face of the coin whereas the other face indicates the people stuck in Japan. They have no food, place, or medicines, what they can do in the nation where every single day you are fighting with the war of survival. It’s their words – the Indians in Japan, “We are all ready to comply with the rules and regulations, the government of India implying too, we are ready to isolate, take care and maintain a distance and all they care now is getting back to where they belong.

It’s no hidden news that lockdown has the chance of increasing with some of the exemptions for people. So, why not get our family back before we realize something bad has happened and everybody knows Prime Minister of India, NarendraModi is very quick with his decisions. They trust their government and all they seek is to trust them with a rescue mission.

Indian Govt should know the situation in Japan

We are in the sixth week of strict countrywide lockdown but Japan is among the few countries who have realized the sensitivity of the virus. Still, some places are on run and surprisingly with a population of 9.3 million in Tokyo, there are fewer testing figures. Since February, just 10, 981 people have been tested and out of the 4,000 are found positive though it’s a much less striking figure in Japan.

Well, nobody can blame other governments or ask them to take necessary actions when the own people/government of India is not taking any necessary action. According to the breaking news after 3rd May (lockdown end day), the Indian government decided to rescue the students stranded in a foreign country, especially to the students who have medical emergencies.

Indian Government Decision

A great decision on the part of the government but they are missing other people – it’s good they are taking actions towards rescuing. But what about other people than students who went for a job or business are now stuck – will the government leave them for another lockdown or they will rescue them. Nothing is clear other than students will be rescued so, this is an appeal to the authorities to save other Indians too.

The risk factor is way less in India than in any other part of the world and with the positive cases of 3,232, 063 followed by the death and recovered number – 228, 505, and 1,007,866, respectively. It is becoming difficult to handle such a large number of people, so all it can be urged is to save the father, brother, sister, or family member stuck in Japan.


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