Discover Why Choosing the Right Domain Name Matters for Your Business

Discover Why Choosing the Right Domain Name Matters for Your Business


We’ve seen unprecedented innovation in the last few years due to the arrival of more than a thousand new generic top-level domains (gTLDs). These new domains include .xyz, .cloud, .site, and many others. These new domains will boost the existing top-level domains we all knew (like .com, net, and .sg) that are sometimes taken for granted since they’re a part of our daily web browsing.

Upon unveiling, this news received hype and enthusiasm. Still,due to a lack of public awareness for gTLDs, coupled with minimal adoption by the big brands, many experts have suggested that the new domain extensions may not be as effective as many believe.

The continuous evolution of search engine technology reduced the need for users to remember and type URLs into their browsers. However, good domain names offer users and domain name owners alike many more crucial benefits that go well beyond this limitation.

Domain names were developed originally to translate the string of digits that make up an IP address into something that makes it simpler for internet users. This idea arrived in 1985 with the creation and registration of the first .com domain name, and now, domain names still give us this indispensable function.

Despite the pessimists, the reality is that rumors of their demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Here are many reasons a strong domain name is vital today and will continue to be a huge factor in your online business success.

Security and credibility. While search engines assist us in searching, we still decide which links to click on and which sites to trust based on our assessment of the domain’s credibility. Malicious domains still litter the internet, and new ones have become more destructive due to malware. Credibility and domain trust are more crucial than ever for businesses and individuals alike.

A trusted domain gives users peace of mind. When they click on a link to content that’s hosted on a trusted domain, they’re confident that it’s safe to visit the page.

Enhanced SEO. SEO professionals are still debating the importance of specific ranking factors used by search engines. There’s no question that a website’s domain name is inseparably tied to its ranking.

Adding keywords to your domain can potentially boost your site’s ranking and can also enhance click-through rates. Domain names are displayed in search results, so if a site is ranking highly for a particular keyword, one of the first things site users see in search results is the name of the domain linked with that keyword.

Google’s algorithm also considers the number of other sites that connect to your site. It checks the authority of the websites that link to your site and utilizes this as a major factor to rank your site’s authority –ultimately associating it with your domain name.

Brand and marketing

Your chosen domain name will have a lasting impact on your marketing success. Regardless of marketing strategy type and strategies you use –inbound, outbound, referral, events, content growth hacking, social – everything is connected to your domain name.

It’s used in your email address and social media channels; it’s used in diverse marketing campaigns, at every event, and every call to action. It appears on every piece of collateral, including your business card.

Your domain name will be one of the most powerful marketing tools you possess despite what changes may come.Whether you want to start a web presence or add a domain to your existing website, your first step is to check its availability via a who is domain search tool. The Who Is domain search database is a list of every single domain currently registered in the world. To find out who owns a particular domain name, all you have to do is type it into a search box.


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