Custom Ice Cream Cup is now available at an Outlet near You

Custom Ice Cream Cup is now available at an Outlet near You


A kids’ party won’t be complete until ice cream comes out of the freezer on all the little guests’ hands, faces, and clothes. As such, most hosts cannot do without this popular frozen dessert on their party menu.

However, there are many different ways to enjoy ice cream in addition to the traditional spoon and serving. Here are four other ice creams that are sure to appeal to even the most demanding crowd of kids.

Aureus Chocolate Ice Cream

These delicious creations are straightforward to make and require no more than a few boxes of Oreos, chocolate ice cream, and a lot of restraint.

All you have to do is peel the oreo with a knife or spoon, then place a layer of chocolate ice cream in place or on top of the white cream filling, then shape and freeze the cookies.

Oreos chocolate ice cream can be made the night before or on party day and should be enjoyed as soon as you leave the freezer.

Ice cream cupcakes

This ice cream cupcake is loved by everyone who loves cake and ice cream, that’s about 99.9% of your guests. All you need to prepare this delicious dessert is various mini cakes or muffins and ice cream in different flavors.

During the party, offer different options and let the kids choose a mixture of flavors. Apply the taste of your choice to the cupcakes they want and let the kids stick to it. With this treatment, you’ll likely find that chocolate-coated chocolate is the most popular option.

Biscuit without cutting

If you have ever visited the many frozen yogurt stores that have popped up across the country in the last few years, you will understand the appeal of this upcoming ice cream.

All you need are a variety of cookies like gingerbread, chocolate chips, and exotic cookies, plus chocolate bars, nuts, small sweets, ice cream, small bowls, plastic spoons, and mugs.

Cut biscuits, nuts, and chocolate and put them in separate bowls. Mix all your sweets in another bowl and pour a few spoons of ice cream into the custom ice cream cups. Then let the kids choose the toppings, arm them with a spoon, and let them enjoy their ice cream cookies.

Soda float

Another guaranteed treat to please babies is an excellent old-fashioned soda drink. From nothing but vanilla ice cream, assorted sprinkles, and flavored drinks, you can create this fun and messy dessert.

Fill in small cups or mugs with different soda flavors and add a spoonful of ice cream to it and sprinkle it on it. Give each child a straw and spoon and let them play.

With all these different types of delicious ice cream at your disposal, you are guaranteed the success of your next kids’ party!


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