Benefits of penetration testing

Benefits of penetration testing


There are various benefits of penetration testing and let us take a closer look on how it would benefit your company.

Detects vulnerabilities

The penetration testing is going to figure out the weakness in the network infrastructure or application configurations. There might be certain actions of your staff which could lead to data breaches or malicious form of infiltration that can be detected by penetration testing. The report is going to inform you about the security vulnerabilities, that gives you an idea on the type of hardware or software areas that you may have to consider. There will be a series of recommendations or policies aimed at improving the overall security.

Outlines the real risks

A penetration test detects any form of abnormalities. It may indicate what an attacker could end up doing in this real world. They are going to guide you on which type of threat is a real vulnerability risk due to exploitation. It is only a specialist may undertake such a form of analysis.

Testing the capability of cyber- defence

There is a need to detect attacks and respond on time. If you figure out an intrusion then you should begin the process of investigation, the intruders have to be discovered and then blocked. From the feedback of the system you can have an idea on the type of actions that would be necessary.

Continuity of the business

You have to ensure that the business operations are up and running, then you have to check out the network availability and check out the resources on offer. Every disruption might be having a negative impact on the business. A penetration testing is going to reveal a potential threat so that your business does not suffer any disruption in operations or unexpected downtime. In a lot of ways a penetration testing follows a business continuity audit.

Opinion of a third party

If you detect an issue with an organization, it is obvious that the management could be inclined to act. The report of a third party could have a bigger impact on the management as it could require additional funds.

Complying with the regulations and rules

The legal compliance or the industry could end up dictating a certain form of penetration testing. Think about the PCI or ISO standards in place. It may require all system owners along with managers to be part of security reviews and regular penetration testing. One of the reasons is that penetration testing would focus on the real life scenarios.

Maintains trust

If there is any form of data breach or cyber assault it may have a negative impact on the customers Even the loyalty and the brand of the company bears serious issues. The suppliers and partners too would be taking a back step. On the other hand if the company is known for its strict security reviews along with penetration tests such a situation would no arise.

To conclude these are some of the benefits of penetration testing.


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