Want to Keep Your Food Cold? These Cooler Bags Will Amaze You!

Want to Keep Your Food Cold? These Cooler Bags Will Amaze You!


Heath is the first personal priority. However, maintaining good health is not an easy task. With our increasingly busy lives, it seems really difficult to follow healthy living. Fast food has become an easy option for many of them. Mentioned below are some easy ways on how you can eat food that is healthy and tasty.

Fast food v/s regular food

  • Fast food is almost everyone’s favourite. However, what made fast-food so popular? The answer is their feasibility and less preparation time. However, this ready to eat or instant food has a lot of health disadvantages.
  • On the other hand, buying vegetables, pulses and cooking them might be time-consuming but are the best. The thing we are going to discuss here is a cooler bag by custom earth.
  • They prepare these cooling bags through recycling plastic bottles and other plastic material. You can buy them as Wholesale insulated grocery bags or individually.

So, if you live somewhere in Florida these bags are a must-try for you to be eco- friendly and save earth.

What are cooler bags?

  • Just like the name, these bags are high insulation bags with thermostatic effect. They are specially customized to keep your food cool and store them for on the go use.
  • They are also known as ice bags, ice packs or passive refrigerators. If you are someone, who likes to carry your home-made meal like me. Plan what you want to eat the next day, cook it and pack it. You are ready to take it!

Is there any variety?

  • There is a lot of variety available in the market. They have been personalized for bottles, utensils, plates, utensils and bottles and lots more. Moreover, they can be seen in various sizes, shapes, patterns, and colours in the market. Hence, you have plenty of choice when it comes to variety. Some bags can keep your food and beverages warm too. Isn’t it great?

What Kind of Food and Beverages You Can Store in these Bags?

You can store these following things –

  1. Fish, poultry and ground meat, fruits, vegetables (1 – 2 days)
  2. Steaks and chops (3 – 4 days)
  3. Cured bacon and lunch meat (6 -7 days)
  4. Egg (1-2 weeks)
  5. Milk and yogurt (less than 1 week)

Why choose a cooler bag over a normal bag or cooling box?

Albeit, the first reason to have this bag is evident, let us have a look at other reasons.

  1. They save you from fast-food (instant foods, instant mixes) and occasional restaurant meals. You can always have your home-made food.
  2. Easy to carry and is made up of high-quality material. Hence, you can carry them with you on long car trips.
  3. They are anti-wrinkle as well as washable. Wash them with normal detergent or liquid soap, dry them and simply fold. They are stored until the next use.
  4. They are extremely budget-friendly. So, you need not worry about spending a lot on these bags.


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