Tips to Create a Scandinavian The mein Your Home

Tips to Create a Scandinavian The mein Your Home



Your home should be your comfort place; it should provide you with a pleasant atmosphere and please both your eyes and heart. The design and theme of your home reflect your creativity, interest, and passion in life. If you are a person who loves a relaxing atmosphere with a minimalist design and loves natural light, a Scandinavian theme might be perfect for you. Below are simple steps you can make to achieve a stylish and comfortable Scandinavian home.

Pick the right color

In whatever theme you might choose, colors play an essential role in the overall appearance of your home, and they could either make it look good or make it look not very good. For Scandinavian homes, choose one- or two-color schemes. Choosing three is risky if you want to achieve a minimalist design. You can choose between a rich and deep color scheme or a white and bright scheme. To make a rich and deep color scheme, paint your walls with dark colors, or choose one. Apply black to your textiles. This color scheme adds depth to your home and makes it look spacious. For the white and bright plan, combine white and light tones of gray to add soft contrast.

Have texture

Aside from your walls, other things like blankets, curtains, and carpets are essential aspects of achieving a theme. The Scandinavian theme has everything to do with textures. Play with textures by choosing crumpled layers of blankets and pillows. Use wooden decorations, make sure that all of these combine perfectly to provide the right feel that is creative yet still easy on the eyes.


Initially, the sizes of Scandinavian homes were small and did not allow for excessive furniture and decoration. Even though you may have a bigger space, keeping it neat and tidy is essential to achieve a Scandinavian vibe. Start decluttering your possessions, get rid of the things you think are not necessary, and take up space. Old clothes, non-functional furniture, and appliances need to go. If you ever find yourself having trouble disposing of junk from decluttering your home, use the services of a junk removal Chicago company that offers hauling services at customer-friendly rates.

Let the light in

For Scandinavian homes, natural light is essential as it’s dark most times of the year in their countries. Maximize the entry of natural light in your home; simple bare glass windows are preferred. If you feel the need for window treatments such as curtains, pick translucent ones to allow light to pass through.

Add a touch of nature

Plants are always present among Scandinavian homes; add simple green and some flowering plants in your home. You can put them in the corners of a room or even on top of tables. But keep in mind to limit the number of plants. You don’t want to disrupt the minimalist design of your home.

It would help if you were not afraid of being creative and designing your own home. If there are themes, you want to achieve, read, and understand their principles and add a touch of your own.


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