Sources of Noise in the Car, Which Can Be Used to Determine the Malfunction

Sources of Noise in the Car, Which Can Be Used to Determine the Malfunction


As a responsible car owner, you should never ignore extraneous noises coming from a moving vehicle. Most often, it is a clear sign of a vehicle’s malfunction. In this article, we will consider the possible sources of such sounds, their reasons and the related breakdowns.

Sources of noise when driving 

It is perfectly normal for cars to emit various noises while driving, and this is because of vibrations generated while the car is in motion. Moreover, the unevenness in the road also contributes to the shaking, causing more noise in the car.

Some of the sources of extraneous sounds include:

  • gears
  • bearings
  • drive belts
  • hinged joints on silent blocks
  • loose elements in the trunk and interior
  • mechanical friction units of the engine, brakes, steering, gearbox, clutch, gearboxes and transfer cases

On the contrary, wearing of rubber elements or roughness of rubber parts causes shocks and backlash, creak, squeak, howl, knocks. Now let’s consider the specific signs and sources of vehicle noise associated with such sounds.

Engine rattles 

Such kinds of problems can manifest themselves both while driving as well as in a still car with a running internal combustion engine. One of the common reasons for such kind of occurrence is a ruptured engine mount. In most cars, the engine is fixed on rubber mounts connecting it to the body. This helps dampen vibration coming out from the engine. When the rubber gets coarse and old, it tends to break, and the metal parts of the engine placed inside the cushion start to beat against the steel frame of the support. In such cases, repairing the breakdown by installing new rubber elements using the car service centre in Pune becomes extremely necessary.

Another possible reason can be engine troit. It means that the engine is not running on all cylinders. You can easily determine such breakdown by the amplified vibration and the abruptly changed sound. In addition, such symptoms are usually accompanied by power loss, unstable operation. To make the necessary repairs, professional mechanics look for the cause of failure in one of the cylinders. This could be:

  • Clogged fuel injector;
  • High resistance of the spark plug
  • Burnout of the electric ignition coil
  • Overshoot of the timing belt/chain
  • Out-of-sync rotation of the crankshaft and camshaft.

Squeals under the hood

Squealing noise in the car’s front is often due to the drive belt malfunction that transmits rotation to the generator and air conditioning. After a long term of use, the rubber belts tend to stretch and dangle, which causes the appearance of extraneous sounds. The higher the engine rpm, the more piercing sound it will emit. In addition, it will also help tension the belt by shifting the compressor or generator along with the guides. With time, more belts wear out and start emitting whistling sounds. In such cases, the only option you are left with is to replace them with a new one by visiting car service in Pune.

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