Why to choose an immigration consultant?

Why to choose an immigration consultant?


Immigration has become an increasing part of modern life over time, as skilled migrants search for career and employment opportunities abroad. Although job hunting migrants tend to dominate discussions surrounding immigration, other forms of migration such as study, business or tourism also occur regularly in this modern era; let us discover more of its technicalities so we can complete them smoothly! Choose the Chennai best immigration consultants for fast visa

Modern Immigration Procedures have grown more complex over time.

Canadian, Australian and New Zealand immigration procedures have become more technical. Under such circumstances, an experienced and reliable Immigration top The top immigration Consultants in Chennai may help with understanding, interpreting and completing formalities of modern Immigration Systems more quickly than an individual would alone. Their Immigration Experts interpret procedural rules better than lay people allowing clients to file visa applications and documents efficiently without making unnecessary errors in filing them out themselves.

Staying current with immigration news and updates is of utmost importance, particularly as new rules emerge regarding their implementation.

All major countries today open, launch, or reopen immigration programs throughout the year in order to receive applications from candidates interested in immigrating to them. Unfortunately, such immigration programs often only remain open for limited amounts of time if you miss applying timely for them – that is why Visa Consultancy Services keep up-to-date on news regarding immigrant opportunities by monitoring immigration news alerts & updates so as to help our clients apply timely for these immigration programs.

Documenting Process and Reports Effectively is vital

An immigration process entails many online/offline processes and documents to complete successfully; including creating an online profile, EOI (Expression of Interest), WES ECA applications submission etc. Expert Immigration services such as Visa Consultancy Services often assist clients in fulfilling all such formalities efficiently as well as becoming their total guide in this process.

Support or guidance when it comes to immigration procedures can always come in handy. So, it is essential to select the best immigration consultants

Immigration procedures have become more technical and challenging these days, necessitating assistance or advice from an Immigration Consultancy Service that offers reliable support or guidance for immigration procedures. A Visa Consultancy Service not only assists with legal yet hassle free immigration methods, but can also guide clients through complex Immigration proceedings.

You must choose a leading immigration consultancy service that  has earned an impeccable reputation of supporting immigration applicants through offering help and assistance for online profile creation, ECA through WES filing, visa application monitoring & follow ups as well as post filing follow up services. Their team of expert immigration advisers must specialize in Canada, Australia, New Zealand USA UK Denmark as well as other immigration hotspot countries’ immigration procedures.The company should also provides free consultation on general immigration queries. If you require any support or guidance from their team, fill out a free assessment form on its website to receive a call back from an Immigration Expert.

The checklist of Visa application that an immigration company helps with

  • Attending an appointment to apply for your visa application in person is mandatory – no substitute can take your place.
  • Only applicants, caregivers and those accompanying children under 18 are admitted into the Visa Application Centre.
  • Bring both printed copies of your visa application as well as an official travel document that contains at least 2 blank pages on both sides.
  • Bring all supporting documentation (originals and copies).

If you haven’t paid your visa fee online yet, once at the centre you can do so.

  • At the center, you must also submit both fingerprints and photographs for biometric information collection – this process is known as biometric information gathering. A digital finger scanner captures images of all 10 digits simultaneously before taking digital photos with no ink, liquid, or chemicals used and that won’t mark up your skin!
  • Your digital photograph must capture full face shots without sunglasses, tinted spectacles or head coverings other than religious and medical reasons unless worn religiously or medically. All parts of the face must be clearly visible with no hair crossing the eyes.
  • Be certain that your fingertips are free from mehndi, cuts, abrasions or other markings which might impede on providing accurate finger scans.
  • When applying on behalf of children under five, an appointment must also take place – though they don’t need to provide fingerprint details at this stage.
  • Children aged under 18 must be supervised by ioan adult from VFS Global staff and not just any member.
  • If you miss your appointment on its scheduled day, 24 hours from its original time must elapse before scheduling another.
  • Biometric information is required as part of every visa application except in rare exemption cases; without it, no application for a visa will be processed. Without biometrics information, your application for a visa cannot be approved and therefore will remain incomplete until complete biometrics details have been provided and submitted with it.
  • Your fingerprint and facial scans will be captured.
  • Digital fingerprint scanning technology collects images of all 10 fingers at once while taking digital photographs simultaneously – it is quick, discreet, and non-intrusive process.
  • Your digital photograph must clearly display your full face; no sunglasses, tinted spectacles or head covering should be worn unless worn for religious or ethical purposes.
  • If your fingers have recently experienced temporary injuries, it may be prudent to wait until these have healed before proceeding with treatment.
  • Make sure that the fingertips are clear of temporary body decorations such as mehndi as it could compromise the scanner.
  • If your Schengen Visa was applied for after 2nd November 2015, then no biometric data will be required as you will already have provided this data during the application process.
  • Citizens holding diplomatic passports or heads of state do not require visas and will not need to provide biometric data.
  • Parents or legal guardians will need to give permission for applicants between 12-17 to have fingerprints collected, in addition to being present during fingerprint collection.


Choosing a correct immigration consultant like Croyez Immigration is important for getting the Visa etc done properly.


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